Textile chemicals, textile chemicals, heat transfer oil for textile industry, textile machine oil

The company supplies textile auxiliary oil, the company provides heat transfer oil consultancy, the company produces textile auxiliary chemicals.

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NEW WIN WIN is a newly established textile auxiliaries supplying company in Vietnam, which is committed to providing first-class technology and after-sales service locally. Head office has been operating in other countries for more than ten years, mainly services for textile dyeing and printing & auxiliaries finishing factories, including various types of knitting, weaving, yarn, tape and related materials (such as cotton, polyester, nylon and its blends). Our company`s agent products come from ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ which has 125 years of experience and is honored as the industry professional and solution solver. Our company also has technician from Europe stationed in Vietnam, to give the factory a faster way to inquire and understand. The products of ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ have passed a series of ecological certifications, such as OEKO-TEX, BLUESIGN, ZDHC, GOTS and so on, which meet the environmental protection requirements of relevant industries.


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